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If you are concerned about chemical safety and want the most dependable, comprehensive pool service in the Gainesville area, then let AquaDoc of Florida serve you!

Residential Pool Service in Gainesville, Florida
Residential Pool Service in Gainesville, Florida
We Specialize in:
  • Residential pool service
  • Equipment repair and installation
  • Leak repair
  • Electrical repair and installation
  • Chemical safety
AquaDoc of Florida
  • Has over 36 years of experience in the residential pool service industry
  • Is the most reliable pool service company serving the Gainesville area
  • Is State and County licensed and registered with all governmental regulators
  • Provides a comprehensive and educated approach to pool chemistry based on natural, structural protective salts, soft water and low levels of chlorine
  • Does NOT use harmful products such as Algaecides including ammonia, ethylene or petroleum based chemicals
  • Does NOT use chlorine tabs..."Be sure to ask us why?"
  • Is founder of the Alachua County Pool Service Association
"As a University of Florida graduate with over 36 years in the pool business, I consider the chlorine based/natural salts system to be the safest for all swimmers, for the environment, and for the life of your pool."
- Bruce Humbert  
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